About Us

Vision Unlimited was founded in May 2003 and today has grown to become the largest recruitment organization in the territory of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, J & K, MP, Rajasthan and UP. The organization has delivered sustained top class performance and set high standards of service. Nearly all the big names of the industry look towards us when sourcing manpower from the above territories as do the aspiring candidates when looking for the answers to their future and their career.

We have strategic relationships with nearly all institutions where we help their students to make best use of the opportunity and impart them a long-term vision. We are constantly looking at expanding market width but are concentrating heavily on building market depth too. We are a one stop shop and provide manpower across all levels and functions for a BPO. We have offices in various small towns, which enable our clients and us to reach out to the prospective candidate.

All offices are fully equipped to handle any size of an interview and have complete facilities as may be required for a walk in.

In our effort to provide the right resource to the Industry we follow a well caliberated screening methodology whick checks the candidates on all relevant aspects of hiring like, Fitment, Stability, Willingness to work in shifts or relocation as well as their English communication Skills, including grammar, pronunciation, vernacular bias etc. This increases not only our shown to hire ration, or hire to joining ratio but also helps save the time for the clients as well as the candidates.

Also realizing the ever emerging and radically growing demand for human resource by the industry we adopted and are a part of the some of the most significant changes in this part of the country in the area of training and development. Thus, through a well trained and highly committed team of trainers we train and create the required pools or skill sets if there are none or less than what is required.